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ORIGINAL - Share the Outdoors 18x27

Chuck Pinson - Art for Inspired Living

Camping can be a fun way to enjoy nature and the outdoors, and I've had the privilege to go a few times. While constructing and sketching what I thought might be a nice vintage campsite, I couldn't help but interject a bit of humor. Of course, when we get outside and away from the city, we're in the home of all manner of wildlife. On one camping occasion, a particularly audacious raccoon took to stealing our food. It even ran up and took some tortillas right out of my wife's hand! Recalling such a story led me to imagine a campsite where animals would come to play and invade the campsite, much to the chagrin of the campers. This painting serves to extol the beauty and benefits of camping and is also a fun reminder to "share the outdoors."

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