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The Artist

Chuck has a unique God-given, ability to create beautiful scenes that transport you to idyllic places and offer a bit of peace in the midst of this often chaotic world.  His love of beauty, nature, nostalgia, and the ethereal comes through in his dramatic interpretations of the beauty we experience and perceive around us. Whether it's the depiction of friendly communities, times past by, or the grandeur of the countryside, Chuck wants to bring you to the place where you can feel the water flowing, hear the birds chirping, and almost touch the soft grass or colorful blooms, so that you can sit back, relax, and dream.

Chuck's parents raised him in rural, King, North Carolina along with two brothers. His first exposure to painting on canvas was in a high school art class.  His grandmother saw potential in his early work, bought him art supplies, and encouraged him to continue painting, as her mother had been a very talented artist as well.  Aside from the early art class, Chuck is a self-taught artist, who has learned by experimentation and development of his own mediums and techniques. Even so, "self-taught" is a misnomer, since every good thing we have is given or revealed to us.

Christian faith is an essential part of Chuck's life. He loves the beauty and truth God has revealed and tries to live that out. He spent many years in spiritual training and development, earning degrees in theology and Christian missions. Along these lines, Chuck’s passions exceed art to many things including spreading God’s love and truth to others.

 Chuck and his wife, Deborah, live near Atlanta, GA with their young daughter. 

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