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About the Art & Artist

Art for Inspired Living

"There is the kind of beauty seen with the eye, and there is the kind of beauty seen with the heart.  My love for both kinds is the basis for the creation of my Romantic Realist paintings.  They are visions meant to tell an enriching story and speak to the soul with heartwarming imagery in vibrant color, dramatic light, and precise detail, inviting the viewer to step inside to another place and be inspired in his or her own way each day."


Each painting begins with contemplation of the beauty found within 4 realms: nature, collective human experience, human engineering, and spiritual truth.  This culminates in a daydream or vision for a new scene.  Each painstaking layer requires hours of concentration for a methodical refining of brush marks, gradients, and detail.  It takes many weeks to capture each scene.


Faith & Inspiration

Chuck's inspiration comes from of a love of the beauty, a passion for truth, and the desire to create images that both communicate and bring joy to others.  Seeking to merge his training and interest in ministry with the creation of art, some paintings go a step beyond the strokes of color and light to convey a message.  Hence, one can find warm themes such as community, love, romance, peace, relationship, faith, family, and spiritual truth infused within the subject matter.  


"My techniques come from both personal experimentation and the study of historical painting methods.  Of notable influence are the 19th century American Luminists, such as Albert Bierstadt and the Hudson River School painters, as well as recent American artists, like G. Harvey, Terry Redlin, and Thomas Kinkade.  While I appreciate these influences, each piece I create is meant to capture my own unique vision and imagination."


The Company

Since launching in 2008, the company has grown dramatically, as the art connects with mainstream popularity.  And the brand continues to expand with art featured on products around the world.  In 2014, Art For Inspired Living, LLC was formed as an entity to better convey what the company is about and carry the brand forward.


Artist Background

Chuck was born in 1978 and raised in North Carolina.  His parents, Ed and Liz settled in the small town of King to raise he and his two brothers, Shane and Eddie.   Other than watching Bob Ross on TV and taking a high school art class, Chuck didn't receive any formal art training, but experimented to find his own techniques and methods over the years.   Early on, his grandmother, La Trelle, bought him supplies after seeing a little  lake scene he painted on a lunch break at his lifeguard job.  La Trelle's mother, Elizabeth (Chuck's great grandmother), had dabbled as oil painter, and her western landscape paintings graced many of the walls of the house.  His spiritual development was aided by countless teachers and volunteers at Carolina Bible Camp, other youth spiritual retreats, not to mention the influence of his family and relatives. He later earned degrees in missions and biblical studies from Abilene Christian University in Texas and went on to teach high school Bible courses at a Christian school in Atlanta before embracing art as a full-time profession in 2008.  He met his wife and best friend, Deborah, during college, and they recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. Deborah, a math teacher by trade, has been an instrumental supporter, co-worker, and friend. 


"Although life always brings trials and difficulties, I have been blessed to grow up in a middle-income home with a loving family and lots of opportunities for development.  I'm thankful for the friends, teachers, and volunteers, who have helped me along the way in several areas of life.  And my wife's presence and support has been vital to me.  All in all, God has given me much, so I try to meet it with gratitude, hard work and stewardship.  I hope my efforts in art, other media, and forums will ultimately bring glory back to the One from whom all good things come and the world will be changed, if only in a small way, for the better."

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"A God Beyond Your

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Our video based on the painting "The Bridge of Triumph"

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"Wow!Very beautiful! I could sit and look at this painting for hours. I am putting this on my Christmas list!Your work is all beautiful. I love all of your heartwarming storytelling images!"

-Cathy, Ontario, Canada

"It is totally an 'AH' scene that just makes all tension just melt away!"

- Wes and Dotty, Oregon

"This really speaks to me! I wish I could fill an entire wall in my house of just your work! Food for the soul!"

- Bonnie, Louisiana

"Superb! Outstanding! Amazing! Emotional and Tranquil. I love this more than any other piece I have seen! I may have to save for a little while but one day this will hang in my living room. It brings such Joy to my heart and Peace to my Soul."

- Sara, Ohio

"Full resolution is astounding!"

- Karon, Missouri

"The more I look at your work the more I grow to love it!"

- Joyce, New Zealand

"It's not just a painting ....it is that painting. A masterpiece in its highest perfection!!!"

- Sven, Germany